From MapLab: A Shrinking Mental Map:

“Under quarantine, the map of my world has shrunk in distance, but if I try hard enough, maybe it doesn’t have to shrink in detail.“ 

An interesting nugget from Advice from Ten Years of Leading Remote Teams:

Nails, foggy nights, wave forms, and more

Just doing my part to prevent doomscrolling with these short videos and pretty pictures:

Nightime in Pittsburgh // wave forms from a drawing machine // one foggy night // shaking nails, stick with it // tracing murmations

The 404 page for the Information Architecture Conference is fun:

From Trains in Motion, a series of photos by Aaron Durand. /via Present & Correct

Still Hiring lists companies with open positions for those job hunting in these tough times. Looks like everything from grocery stores to marketing agencies are listed.

Some things for your eyeballs 👀

Peel Tridents are tiny little cars from the 60s // a map showing river basins in Florida // photos of the remote town of Norilsk in Siberia // tiny 3D scenes from pop culture // MD Eight is a font that seems to go with clackity keyboards + beeps and boops // commuting now

The Short Story Club is like a book club, but for short stories. RSVP, read a short story, and join a live discussion with the author on Zoom. First up, a story from Cory Doctrow. Plus proceeds go towards getting masks to healthcare workers. In.

U.S. Digital Response is looking for volunteers to help State and Local governments with technical support for their COVID-19 response. Types of skills sought include: UX research/design, content strategy, front-end engineering and more.

An integration loop.

Really dark mode.

Abandoned is a calm (to me) documentary series that “… explores abandoned places with the people who love them long after the lights have gone out.”

A nice conversation with InVision’s Mike Davidson.

“The photographs of Joshua Dudley Greer are like small novellas that contain pathos, humor, and unfinished stories.”