🎙️ The latest episode of the podcast Nocturne was all about a group of friends who created a secret apartment in the middle of a mall and lived there for years.

Stoop is like a feed reader, but for email newsletters. I’ve been using it for a couple days, 👍.

“And in just one hour on Sunday, the community passed more than 2,000 books, hand to hand, to the new shop.”


Dense Discovery is a newsletter that provides a “… curated mix of practical and inspirational links at the intersection of tech, design, and culture every Tuesday.” Highly recommend.

The dashboard for a asteroid chasing satelite. Very sci-fi UI.

The hex colors of the woods according to Picular.

A great story about a peach tree, a bear, and the automated podcast machine that was built to keep the bear from eating the peaches. 🍑🐻🎙️

The word of the day is refuturing. Coined and described by Warren Ellis as the “… sense of creating new immediate futures and repopulating the futures space with something entirely divorced from the previous consensus futures.”

This aerial time lapse video of dogs herding sheep is much more insteresting than it sounds. /via studio neat, the makers of the panobook.

Women’s Pockets are Inferior. There is an interactive part of this article where you can drop things into women’s and men’s pockets for comparison (see screenshot below). /via chris glass

Great video by Stephen Hackett, Why I Use Paper Notebooks in 2018. I’ll throw a plug out for Word. notebooks, another pocket notebook. I like the pre-made bullets:

Uses this is “a collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.” Very interesting to see how other people work.

From A Mirrored Mexican Home Hides Among a Lush Forest.

If your math works out like ours, you’ll end up with about one hour and 12 minutes a day for focused, productive work.

Oh, that’s depressing.

🎵 My good friend Steve makes awesome loops and beats. Like this one that uses a sample from a Greatful Dead song. Enjoy!