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GIjoe365 is an art project by Chris Hemsworth who decided to draw the great 80s GI Joe action figures (example above). Super fun nostalgia trip!

Beth Dean’s home page is pure retro fun.

Huh, is still around.

Arron Reynolds (the creator of awesome Twitters like @swear_trek) tells the story of declaring his social media accounts when he visited America:

I started with a softball: @DirtyPianoNames.

“There’s only one tweet here and it says Yuja Wang.”

“Yes, that’s correct.”


He loves these

Freehand from InVision is pretty awesome. The Shape Detection during the draw mode is really smooth.


The “Int-Ball” is a bit larger than a softball, can float and maneuver by itself but also be controlled remotely, can take high resolution images and videos. /via

dead mall

I got a peak at a dead mall in my town today. Creepy. One of the creators of the Blair Witch wanted to film a movie in the mall, but I don’t think it went anywhere. Bonus link: a drone’s eye view of the mall.

Muzzle’s landing page is pretty funny.

The Panobook is a paneramic notebook for your desk. Backed. Also, I have a notebook problem.

I highly recommend doing “quick Twitter”

Mike D of the Beastie Boys writes about his crib for Architectural Digest

Because I’m Me by the Avalanches. Great song, great video, happy Friday!

Anyone out there try to get their Pinboard rss feeds into

I really like The Case Study Club, but it acts like a link farm for Medium. 11 out of 12 case studies on the site’s homepage are links to Medium articles. That’s not a dig at CSC, more of an example of the current state of web publishing.

40 Years of Hip Hop — That. Was. Awesome (said in Chris Farley fanboy voice).


Watching the new Samurai Jack with my eldest son, great way to close out the weekend.

Any suggestions out there on hooking Instagram into


Craig Mod has a new podcast about making books called On Margins. The first episode is an interesting interview with Jan Chipchase1 about his new book The Field Study Handbook.

  1. Aside, I’m pretty sure Chipchase is a William Gibson character from the Blue Ant series. [return]

Hi @manton the permalinks to posts I import via RSS dont seem to work. Could be on my end though.

Wow! Great game by Wall and the Wizards!